by Ruth Stella MacLean

Book Available!

Welcome to my blog on living successfully with chronic pain. I’ve finally done it. After years of working on this pain book thing, getting a less-than-enthusiastic reception from my once-upon-a-time New York agent, I’ve published the book myself with Amazon.

I’d like to say it has been easy, that I had no doubts about what I was doing, but that would be a long way from the truth. I was petrified! Still am, as a matter of fact. Although I’m a published fiction author, putting my life with chronic pain out there for people to read was scary in the extreme. It got so bad I was beginning to lose my sense of humor! But I solved that one by hanging out on Steve Martin’s website. Steve Martin is in my chronic pain book as a mood modifier—my phrase for altering how you feel about something in your life.

So, now it’s done. It’s on Amazon and it’s finally mission accomplished. So why have I put myself through all the sweat and tears of writing and self-publishing a book about my experiences in dealing with chronic pain?

There were lots of reasons in the beginning; to share my story, to keep a promise to my sister, to let people see what it took to keep going all these years.

Yeah, all those good reasons.

But in the end the major reason had to do with showing the world that people like you and me who have chronic pain are capable of so much more than anyone gives us credit for. And here’s the truth when it comes to people like us. We’re survivors. We not only know how to get back up after being knocked down. We’ve done it many times before.

We’re people of action and determination. Wouldn’t you agree?

So over the weeks and months ahead I’d like us—you and me—to talk about pain from the point of view of changing how other people see us, and what they understand about people like us. People who live with chronic pain.

Thank you for joining me, and please leave a comment if you’d like.


12 Responses to Book Available!

  • Ruth, congratulations on the launch of your book. I know how much it means to you and I wish you every success!

  • Thanks Anne for your comment and for everything you’ve done. Couldn’t get from there to here without you.

  • Hello Ruth,

    As a practitioner who has worked for the past 15 years with individuals suffering from chronic pain, I want to commend you on seeing this book through to the end and providing what I believe will be a tremendous resource. I purchased your book today (Kindle Edition) and look forward to reading about your journey, insights, and accomplishments… and recommending it to with those I work with.

    Wishing you much success!

    Mark Altenhofen, MS
    Portland, OR

    • Dear Mark,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments and your willingness to recommend my book. Yes, I have lived with chronic pain for over twenty years, and I would really appreciate your comments concerning my book. So much is still to be learned about chronic pain, and I believe it begins with people like you and me who live in and work with chronic pain.
      Again, thank you.
      Ruth Stella MacLean

  • Ruth, Congratulations on getting this book done and out to the public! It sounds very intriguing – you’ve presented it and the whole issue well. And I see you have some fiction in the works too. Great! Let me know when the launch is.

    Moncton NB

  • Thank you Ann. I appreciate your comments so much. Yes, I write fiction, and am under deadline at the moment. I’ll definitely let you know when the launch is.
    Ruth Stella MacLean

    • I love receiving any comments about my book and any ideas people have about what I’ve mentioned in the book.

  • Ruth, congratulations on publishing this book. I’ve experienced some issues with chronic pain over the past two years related to my love of dancing. I look forward to your insights on this. Many thanks for sharing. Kathryn GFW, NL

    • Thank you so much Kathryn, and I’m sorry that you have spent the last two years dealing with pain. It takes a lot of energy and resourcefulness to deal with pain, doesn’t it?

  • I wanted to share this review with you. It comes from a wonderful woman who is a professional dealing with people with many life issues. Please read.

    First off, I must say I do not have chronic pain, but as a psychotherapist, I often work with those who do. This amazing book took me into the life of someone with debilitating chronic pain and described it in such a way that I could really understand (as much as someone can that hasn’t experienced it) what it must be like. In addition, this book details what to do to come to terms with chronic pain and to live as full a life as possible, AND gives successful coping strategies.

    Living Successfully with Chronic Pain is a MUST READ for anyone who has chronic pain and anyone who knows someone with it. Even if you don’t fall into either category, it’s a great read that will help you understand the struggles other human beings endure AND give you a deep appreciation for your own health and well-being.

    Debra Holland, Ph.D, author, The Essential Guide to Grief and Grieving

  • Hi Ruth, I’ve read your book and for me I have to first say,” thank you so much.” I hope everyone on this earth reads this book. If not for them for someone close to them. It not only helped me to understand my pain, leg/ foot, but to understand the pain I’ve gone through in my early childhood that I’ve kept so tightly clued to my soul. Your book has helped me in many ways to get past the pain and believe I now can have a New Life. I need to start with fixing me and finally move forward. Thank you, Doris

    • Hi Doris,
      Thank you for your kind words, and hope everything works out well for you. You are a very committed person, and I believe you will succeed in getting all your pain issues straightened away.
      Ruth Stella MacLean